Your plan, your way
Lean9 enables you to get the big picture of your business, your projects
Who's boss of who and when
Review the many structures
Track them
Simulate their outcomes
Draw your baseline
Improve from there
Focus on what has value
Keep on moving
A clear overview
I used a lot of tools trying to gain insight of what’s going on for my teams. Where the work was coming from, what was wasting our time. I mixed spreadsheets, project management software, physical boards, shared tasks lists but none of them was helping me to maintain a big picture. These tools are great for what they are made for and unfortunately, they are not made for that.
- Team leader, Everyday
Involve your team, your coworkers
You are not alone. You can invite and share with other people in your organization.
Insight of your team will help you gain the big picture.
Lean is continuous improvement with focus on value
Sane words but still a beast to master. Too often we are managing time and expenses while focus on delivering value to customers is what matters. Our dashboard presents lean focus indicators. Helping you track your objectives by managing more than dates and purchase orders.

  • What are the activities that doesn't create direct value but are intrinsically tied to activities creating value?
  • What are the effects of projects on our processes?
  • Do we have an opportunity to improve ourselves?
It's down the line
Accesses the levels of organization complexity you are dealing with. Towards identifying the structures within the structure.

Who's the boss of this process, who's the perceived boss of that project. It inevitably generates more noise than value but still, you have to work with it. For many, leadership arises from building value.
Raise awareness
Be more aware of what's going on around you. What is wanted and what is expected.

Lean is about the people and their knowledge on what's happening everyday. Their work conscience is a valuable asset that needs to be channeled through and taken in account when improving. So that awareness is raised both ways. From the manager to its employees and more importantly, from employees to the manager.